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The bold commitments from 17 Action Coalition Leaders sent the clear message that their holistic and transformative vision of change is backed by very concrete targets.

The task force will consist of young people aged 14 to 30 years, recommended by their youth-led global networks, organizations or civic movements.Each organization, network or movement can recommend up to two candidates. In case your organization/ network is recommending candidates, who are minors, please ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to secure necessary consent from parents/legal guardian prior to submitting the recommendation for a minor. If a minor candidate is selected, it will be subject to the provision of consent and waiver documentation as requested by UN Women.

The Female Police Network also visits schools around the country to teach children what to do [in case of violence], what is a crime and what is not.

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Investing in women and girls is good for business and makes for a sustainable future for all. A recent research by McKinsey estimated that if women’s economic participation were to be at the same level as men, trillion could be added to the global economy by 2025. Apart from the economic benefits, there are also recognized social, cultural and political benefits of investing in women and girls.


Today, UN Women has published a feminist plan for economic recovery and transformation learning from the COVID-19 pandemic and previous crises: “Beyond COVID-19: A Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice.”

Note to the editors: The ‘In Their Hands: Women Taking Ownership of Peace’ photo exhibition is underpinned by the principles outlined in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325) and subsequent nine resolutions on Women, Peace and Security. The resolutions recognize the importance of women’s full, equal and meaningful participation in conflict resolution and the need for increased women’s participation at peacemaking and decision-making at all levels in peace processes.

The loss of a partner is devastating. For many women, that loss is magnified by a long-term struggle for basic needs, their human rights and dignity. They may be denied inheritance rights to the piece of land that they relied on for livelihood or evicted from their homes, forced into unwanted marriages or traumatizing widowhood rituals. They are stigmatized for life, shunned and shamed. And, many of these abuses go unnoticed, even normalized.


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