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Bitter rhyme purchase

Release time:2022-06-27 22:13:53

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While every act of violence against women is shocking, some that have gained international prominence include the assassination of Salwa Bugaighis, a women’s movement leader in Libya, who was assassinated when she went to vote in the country’s general elections in 2014, and Juana Quispe, an elected Councilor in Bolivia who suffered ill-treatment by members of her council and was murdered in 2012 — leading to the passage of the Law against Harassment and Political Violence towards Women (№243).


Welcoming the launch of the mural, Lopa Banerjee, Executive Coordinator of the Generation Equality Forum, said, “This powerful mural is a testament to the power of imagination and activism in the journey towards full global gender equality. The Generation Equality Forum this year in Mexico and in Paris has shown us how high and how far we can all stretch towards gender equality when we work with purpose and creativity across sectors and global boundaries. This powerful mural brings that vision to life and encourages us all to ‘reach for the stars’ as we imagine a better and more equal world”.


ABUJA, Nigeria -- A stampede Saturday at a church charity event in southern Nigeria left 31 people dead and seven injured, police told The Associated Press, a shocking development at a program that aimed to offer hope to the needy. One witness said the dead included a pregnant woman and many children.

The two-day meeting provides an opportunity for participants to be briefed on the upcoming CSW63 and on the outcomes of the previous sessions, including the organization of the Committee, the members of its Bureau and on the key messages to inform Africa’s technical contribution to the CSW63 Agreed Conclusions. Participants will also discuss and adopt the Africa CSW63 outcome document.

Throughout her career, Ms. Wallström has highlighted the linkages between women, peace, and security, including during Sweden's member ship of the UN Security Council and ensured that the international community takes into account and prioritized the important role women can play in peace building and conflict prevention.


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