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Makenna Lee Elrod, 10

[1] According to the Coordination Platform for Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees (R4V), 6 June 2019. https://r4v.info/es/situations/platform

One study found that the U.S. gun homicide rates were 25 times higher than in other high-income countries.


"It is always a surprise to me to see this kind of restriction and focus on women when we have about a 95% poverty rate in the country," Payvand Seyedali, an American health and human rights activist who has lived in Afghanistan for the past decade consulting with NGOs, told ABC News.

They have also developed a partnership with pharmacies and pharmacists to inform and help women survivors access safety planning tools and support services. “We expect that this model will be useful during the health crisis, as well as post-crisis,” says Petronijević.

In a conversation with Marguerite Ramadan, who has had a long career in politics and led women’s organizations, Derom explores the state of women’s leadership in the country and the way forward.


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