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Tong Yangou

Release time:2022-06-27 22:38:54

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And in the security lane -- TSA has over the past few years begun deploying computed tomography x-ray systems at airports nationwide. The scanners use “sophisticated algorithms” to detect weapons, explosives and other prohibited items by creating 3-D images of carry-on items.

Jyotsna Siddharth leads Gender At Work in India, a feminist non-profit organization that’s spearheading intersectional and inclusive agendas, and is also the co-founder of the Anti-Caste Love Project, which promotes unique narratives around inter-caste/inter-religious love and relationships. She is speaking at a side event at the 76th UN General Assembly, titled, “Young Feminist Leadership in Policy and Public Advocacy on Intersectionality and Diversity: Women’s voices in agenda setting forums”. 

I joined the women’s support group and I found I’m not good as a counselor, but I am good at talking to people, and in changing people’s mind. Once I fought for my rights, the other women followed.

She was a relentless advocate, travelling into her late 80s, with undiminished passion to bring change. Colleagues remember her wit, her humour and her absolute drive to see women’s political participation and economic empowerment. She has been a continuing inspiration to many young feminists and feminist allies who came into the UN to work on gender equality, and engaged with many of them until recently.


In my talk today I have been invited to consider where the breakthroughs have been in gender equality, and to point out where we have opportunities for targeted action, and investments that will bring us closer to substantive equality and change that will last.

For more information contact info.trainingcentre[at]unwomen.org


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