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Zhu penggou

Release time:2022-06-27 21:49:10

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Standing beside her twin sister, Orta told ABC News in an exclusive interview that the shooting has not only devastated her entire family but her entire community as well.

UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, will brief the press on the Report as the Guest at the United Nations Noon briefing. Room S-0237 of the UN Secretariat, New York.

Everyone should be a women’s rights activist because we should all be equal. [Men and women] are not antagonists, we must rally together in this fight. It's important to understand the importance of feminism.

Distinguished Delegates, 

The eldest of five children, Nemr owns one of three million three-wheeler taxis in Egypt, locally known as “tuk tuk”. A popular mode of transportation for many, they provide over five million rides daily. Following his parents’ divorce, Nemr became the head of the house when he was barely seventeen. The role came with expectations of providing for his family, as well as certain privileges and entitlements. For example, he exercised complete authority over his sisters. “I insisted that my demands were met instantly, and in case they did not respond, I shouted and bickered, which eventually ruined my relationship with them,” he recalls.


Here are just four of our other favourite moments.

When Chrystal Aye* went home to give birth to her second child, her parents insisted on her staying longer term. They wanted her safe at home with them, away from her physically and emotionally abusive husband in Accra.

“I used to take my sons Giorgi and Luka to the Tserovani kindergarten when they were young. There was a bus, but it took up much of my time,” explains Ghunashvili. “Without a kindergarten [here], I would not have been able to start working, because I wouldn’t have had enough time. My income has brought additional money to the household. Now we can afford more education for my children… my sons go to football classes now and they like it a lot. I want to take them to the English courses as well.”


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