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Release time:2022-06-27 22:50:51

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In one such meeting, I heard the testimony of a mother who had received the dead body of her missing 13-year-old son. He had been taken away to join the jihadis, without her consent. That day, the truth sunk in—this is not a fight for justice!

“Women’s leadership is critical for effective humanitarian delivery and assistance. Women are not just beneficiaries of help…Our voices and leadership are needed urgently to inform the design of humanitarian assistance. This is the only way to meet the unprecedented scale of humanitarian needs. Many women leaders now find themselves in the diaspora. This is not out of choice. We left Afghanistan for our safety and to continue our efforts.”


The Generation Equality Forum is the most catalytic global gathering for gender equality held in the last quarter century. Convened by UN Women and co-chaired by the Governments of France and Mexico, with the leadership and participation of youth and civil society, the Forum is a once-in-a-generation moment to advance global gender equality.


Keeping the issue of femicide under the limelight and making information available and accessible for women, is key for holding the authorities accountable and preventing violence against women and girls. Since 2011, UN Women, in partnership with key state institutions,has published periodic studies analysing the scope, trends, characteristics of femicide in the country.

Thirdly, governments should ensure that gender equality is front and centre of their education response. School closures will exacerbate existing gender inequalities, particularly for the poorest girls. Governments must keep all girls engaged in learning, factor in gender considerations when planning for school resumption and make good on aid commitments.

Young women are particularly underrepresented in public life and disproportionately excluded from consultations on issues that affect them, despite being involved in activities that call for broader change and address issues such as climate change and poverty. Women under 30 years of age make up less than 1 per cent of parliamentarians globally. Recognizing this, the Commission has agreed on the need for measures that target them: from access to education, technology and skills development, to mentorship programmes, increased financial support, and protection from violence, and recognized the benefits of early exposure to women leaders as role models, as well as of legislative and policy-making spaces.


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