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There are 1.8 billion youth, between the ages of 10-24, at the forefront of movements for equality, justice and dignity for all. Yes, we are thinking of them today, because it’s International Youth Day. But they are actually raising their voices and demanding a better future every day. They haven’t resigned to the old norms and they have the power to imagine and activate new norms.

The realization of the equal rights of half our population is the unfinished human rights struggle of this century.

She is the co-curator of a Mary Lovelace O’Neal exhibition which will open at MoAD in San Francisco, California in 2022. Since 2015 she has curated museum and gallery exhibitions in the US and UK including Zohra Opoku: Draped Histories/Beyond Visage, Sienna Shields: Invisible Woman and In The Eye of the Beholder.


The role also took an emotional toll on Butler, who said he related to Elvis Presley's life story on a deep, emotional level. "I've never loved somebody I've never met more than Elvis," he said.

Youth advocates are extremely conscious and are paving the way for future action in sustainability and climate justice, so it is imperative that we collectively listen to those voices.

These women are twice as likely to be living in poverty as couple families. Contrary to some stereotypes, most lone mothers are in paid work. They are extremely time constrained because they are doing all the earning and all the caring.


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