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In Vanuatu, a @UN_Women-supported safe marketplace gives women the chance to earn a living and support their families. Women’s economic empowerment is one of my top priorities. pic.twitter.com/cfg2F4rlMx

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We have therefore spent years mobilizing a whole ecosystem of partners committed to making the foundational changes that will accelerate implementation, in alignment with our new Strategic Plan. These plans are set finally to come to fruition next week, at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris. We thank the Government of France for having made this possible, just like the Government of Mexico.

We’ve had ‘gender pairs’ throughout Colombia (with the exception of two departments Guanía and San Andrés), since 2016.


These traditional notions of masculinity often discourage boys and men later in life from openly communicating their feelings.

Fortunately, it is not too late to exploit the synergies between restarting economic growth and progress in gender equality. Next week, the world’s ministers of finance and central bankers will attend—this time virtually—the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank. Reality is sending them a message: on-going and future efforts to revive the economy, whether fiscal, monetary, legal or regulatory, can and should be decided with women in mind—and in the room. 

Action Coalition Leaders presented commitments—both live and through pre-recorded video statements—that will catalyze long-term change for women and girls around the world.


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