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When a woman’s value is contingent on having a husband, widowhood can force women out of family structures entirely, leaving them particularly vulnerable to multi-dimensional poverty, loneliness and isolation. We know that poorer women are more likely to experience widowhood in the first place, due to a larger age gap between spouses in poorer households—something which is often sustained by harmful practices like child marriage—and the lower life expectancy of poor men. Many widows also struggle to maintain economic security in the face of discriminatory inheritance laws. Even in places where legislation exists to protect women from these situations, widows are often subjected to eviction and property grabbing.

"When we shine a spotlight on women's & girls' empowerment,everyone’s future will be brighter”- @antonioguterres #SpotlightEndViolence #UNGA pic.twitter.com/N45E7vbRgW

Education is the key

It feels like we are at a watershed moment - exacerbated by the heavy and disproportionate toll that COVID-19 has had on ethnic minorities.

UN Women and UNESCO are committed to continue working through the UN system, and with all our public, private and civil society partners to ensure that girls and women are represented more equitably, and granted the full opportunities they need to thrive in science-related disciplines and make the cutting-edge discoveries of the future.


“The mechanisms that got us there would not have happened without the pandemic," said Kong, who feels Think!Chinatown is now seen as more “legit” with better funding, full-time staff and the possibility of an office space instead of her dining table.

Beautiful start to the #16days!Punjab Assembly's Building was illuminated in orange to show solidarity towards ending violence against women and girls.#LeaveNoOneBehind #OrangeTheWorld pic.twitter.com/FpRbM9XBLA

We know that rape – and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten, has highlighted this – is rooted in a complex set of beliefs, power relations and control. Dominant norms of “masculinity” assume that men’s sexual entitlement is a given and they create an expectation that men can control and coerce women, particularly in relation to sex. We also have seen jokes about women, and even about rape, being tolerated, with many being bystanders and missing an opportunity to intervene and to end the trivialization of this pain that women and girls suffer.


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