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It is urgent to embed gender equality and women’s empowerment more firmly in plans for long-term recovery and transformation in order to build in ways that are both environmentally and socially sustainable. This includes putting gender equality at the centre of transitions towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns, making sure we grow the right sectors and support women to take advantage of the job opportunities they offer. It also includes the expansion of gender-responsive social protection systems, including to the 740 million women informal workers – small-scale farmers, market traders and domestic workers – too poor to make regular social security contributions, but not considered poor enough to qualify for social assistance.

In 2015 and 2016, we organized many initiatives to combat sexist advertising. Our focus was split in two main directions. We worked with various target groups, including representatives of advertising agencies, people who oversee the productions of commercial ads, public officials working in the field of advertising, and gender experts to raise their understanding of sexism in advertising. We also conducted an analysis of policies and regulations, including international practices.

Fast facts: Ethnic minorities in Viet Nam

“To do so, all groups, all voices and perspectives in the society have to be considered. Young people, particularly girls, in the Middle East and North Africa constitute a large percentage of the population, so their role in peacebuilding is very important.”


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We only have 12 per cent of parliaments that are gender balanced. 119 countries have never had a woman leader. We also have just 13 gender-equal cabinets in the world. These are all important bodies that will be making decisions about the future of the world and will be guiding this recovery. We therefore have a responsibility to call out under-representation of women.


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