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In Morocco, UN Women in the Maghreb oranged the sky of Rabat with 1500 orange and ecofriendly balloons to mark the launch of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign. In the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chellah, about 300 people, including UN Women’s partners, such as the UN Country team, key institutions and the civil society, as well as the general public came together for an event that raised awareness about the issue of violence against women. The event featured inspirational remarks and interactive activities, such as a photo booth, an interactive quiz and a “make your slogan” stand. Speakers included Leila Rhiwi, Representative of UN Women in Maghreb; Bassima Hakkaoui, the Moroccan Minister for Family, Solidarity, Equality and Social Development; and Philippe Poinsot, the UN Resident Coordinator in Morocco. UN Women Representative Leila Rhiwi also spoke during the evening news broadcast and Raphaëlle Rafin, UN Women programme coordinator participated in a national television show called “Niqash” to discuss the 16 Days of Activism: "

Acting for Equal means … giving women the opportunity to grow.

Date: Thursday, 13 June 2019

Let us call them what they are:

The UN Women project has helped 200 children get their birth certificates within a year, and 155 more are in the process.


We must ensure that the Taliban’s rhetoric matches up to women and girls’ lived experiences. To do so, we must rigorously track women and girls’ opportunities to work, attend school, access health care and play leading roles in their communities, recognizing the uneven reality of women’s rights across the country, and identifying both where things are better as a source of examples of what can be done, and where things are worse, our efforts must not waver.


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