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I would like you also to embrace the African Women’s Leadership Network, which is a network of African women that we are trying to launch in every country in Africa. Through that network we can support one another and show solidarity to women in other countries in Africa who are facing the most difficult violations of their rights.

These days, Blah Pauline Ninhouet from Korhogo, in rural Côte d'Ivoire, is dreaming big. She plans to start her own business, selling organic shea butter cosmetics.

UN Women in Afghanistan partnered with NGOs, activists and artists to bring #HearMeToo stories from women using murals, poetry and mobile theatres.

Houry Geudelekian, Lebanon and the United StatesChair of the NGO Committee on the Status of Women and activist to end early and forced marriage


Edilia Mendoza, from Colombia, participated in the coordination of the construction of several spaces such as Vía campesina, Acción global de los Pueblos- AGP, and the Coordinator of CLOC field organizations, from where she helped give guidelines to governments in Latin America. She has constructed agrarian laws, written articles, and given lectures at the national, regional, and international level. Among her achievements is the construction of agricultural and ecological universities in other countries within the framework of Via Campesina and in alliance with progressive governments in the region. Edilia is part of the Special Instance that will focus on monitoring the approach and guaranteeing women's rights in the implementation of the Final Agreement of Colombia. She speaks Spanish.

Follow the online conversation on Twitter by using the hashtags #PromisesToAction #GlobalGoals, and by following @UN_Women.

Ridoy Akhter, Parveen Akhter’s son is her biggest fan. “There was a time when the three of us would have to divide [a piece of] chicken into three pieces. I have now been able to complete my honors in accounting and I’m managing the finances in our own company,” he says.


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