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Release time:2022-06-27 22:39:34

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UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka, who is a member of the Gender Equality Advisory Council to the G7 Presidency, said: "As the richest economies in the world, G7 countries can bring about far-reaching systemic changes for women and girls. Their influence reaches beyond their borders, their political decisions have an impact on societies and economies around the world. They can use this power to make gender inequality history within a generation. I welcome the ‘2X Challenge’ which will provide critically needed resources to benefit women’s leadership and engagement in the economy, particularly women who need it most and who are at risk of being left behind. These investments will not only benefit women, they will benefit entire families, communities and nations.”

“Many of our sponsors who are still with us, even, have expressed the concerns and the challenges brought forth by the pandemic,” said J. Michael Durnil, the bee's executive director. “Some of our sponsors realigned what their missions were and maybe the bee didn't fit. Maybe they lost person power and had to rethink their core business and the bee was not part of it. There's been a great reset in a lot of areas.”

The Generation Equality campaign, led by UN Women, is an invitation to bring in new partners and generations to embrace and revitalize the historic Beijing Platform for Action and to make gender equality a lived reality.


The 100-feet high “Generation Equality” mural, created two blocks away from the United Nations, reflects on the importance of intergenerational efforts to advance gender equality and pays tribute to over 50 women activists who paved the way for a more equal world. It is hoped that the mural will serve as a focal point to inspire and engage the public for years to come.

Today is a moment where we reiterate our renewed commitment to the Network, having reached our first birthday. We have committed ourselves to sustained engagement, because we have no illusions that this work is going to be easy. We also commit ourselves to be facilitators of a Network that goes beyond this room and that - to be truly credible - has to be made up of the millions of women all over the continent. When we come together next time, we hope we will be able to talk about the women we are inspiring, working with and working for in our different countries.

The Gender Focal Points also require, and they themselves request, capacity-building training sessions on various issues, including sexual harassment, as they are sometimes the first point of contact for reporting in the field; as well as training on how gender issues intersect with other development issues, such as projects on urban planning, water and sanitation or energy. These capacity building workshops are a great opportunity to educate and reach field programme colleagues too, because once we show the impact on the ground when gender issues are addressed, they don’t need to be convinced why they should integrate gender; the conversation shifts to how they can achieve that.


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