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Release time:2022-06-27 22:50:16

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By 9 a.m., the morning sun already feels hot in the Bidibidi settlement for refugees and displaced persons, located in the Yumbe District of Uganda. A steady file of women gathers around a borehole to collect water. They will repeat this chore again in the evening.

I had married him despite the objection of my parents. My dad told me: “If you want to marry him, fine. Do it, but don’t come back feeling distressed or as a divorcee.” For this reason, I remained quiet for so long. At one point, I could not hide the abuse anymore, and my parents told me I could return home alone, without my children. I couldn’t leave them behind.

"We're asking governments across #Africa to make sure that women are fully engaged in the #COVID19 response and recovery efforts"- @UN_Women Exec. Dir. @phumzileunwomen, addressing African Ministers of Gender & Women’s Affairs @ECA_OFFICIAL | @_AfricanUnion | @unwomenafrica pic.twitter.com/wGGGpJZsTW

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest challenges facing Iraq, but it is not the only one. In addition to fighting the deadly virus, the country has been grappling with popular protests in several regions, a challenging reconstruction process for large parts of the country recently liberated from terrorist groups, and dwindling state revenues from oil, which experienced a sharp fall in price as a repercussion of the pandemic.

"We had large groups of juveniles walking around the downtown area this date and we believe it’s from within that group that the shooting took place," a police spokesperson said.


We appreciate the trust and confidence that has been built over the years between the Executive Board and UN Women. It has been 10 years of building a relationship that I think is now formidable.

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