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“For the last 22 years, extreme poverty globally had been declining. Then came COVID-19, and with it, massive job losses, shrinking of economies and loss of livelihoods, particularly for women. Weakened social protection systems have left many of the poorest in society unprotected, with no safeguards to weather the storm,” says Ginette Azcona, lead author of UN Women’s latest report From Insights to Action and UN Women’s Senior Research and Data Specialist.

Now that she is a Senator, she says she will focus on defending the rights of indigenous women and protecting the territory she represents. She currently serves as the President of the Committee on Land and Territory, Natural Resources and Environment of the Senate.

This year’s Secretary-General’s report on intensification of efforts to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls (A/75/274) notes that, in the five years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, over 80 per cent of States reported that they had taken action to reform and implement laws on violence against women, and 87 per cent of States reported that they had introduced or strengthened services for survivors of violence.

To support these movements and amplify their message, UN Women is convening a unique, civil society-centred, multi-stakeholder global gathering for gender equality – the Generation Equality Forum. It aims to reach the hundreds of thousands of people in the world who must hear our messages, through the conversations that we hope you will help us to facilitate in your countries. We count on you to promote gender equality in your countries, in your missions and within the organizations in your countries.


When Amphan hit, Goswami and her team swung into action; helping with evacuation of around 150 women and men to cyclone shelters.

Elena Crasmari’s story is part of a new web series, “25 Women”, produced by UN Women Europe and Central Asia, as part of the Generation Equality campaign, marking the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.


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