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Release time:2022-06-27 23:16:03

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The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, the Executive Director of UN Women and the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security recalled the resolve of Government authorities to address sexual violence. Given that these recent attacks took place in Government controlled areas, the three urge President Salva Kiir and his senior leadership to expedite efforts to prevent such violence, including through immediate justice and accountability measures.

"I think that's going down a whole different kind of rabbit hole," he told ABC News Friday. "Let's say Joe Biden passes this law tomorrow, and he puts a hardcore-left person in charge of who gets a red flag, then we have another issue."

We will continue to break down barriers, build partnerships, offer mentorship, create networks, and learn from other women. Then, we’ll pass the baton on to the younger generation to continue the fight for equal opportunities and rights.

For the single mother in South Sudan, COVID-19 lockdown measures have paused her small business that brings food to the table.

"The effects of climate change are not sparing Mali, and are hitting this country hard, an additional challenge in an extremely fragile security context in the Sahel region,” says Maxime Houinato, UN Women Country Representative in Mali.  “And yet, Mali, although a low contributor to the global emission of greenhouse gases, is no less committed to the race to adapt to the effects of climate change.” 


30 global leaders share ground-breaking solutions on how to achieve gender equality as part of #HeForShe: https://t.co/P1jph3VAs8 #UNGA pic.twitter.com/ebssTVx75q

In the era of #MeToo, #TimesUp, #NiUnaMenos, #BalanceTonPorc, and other online movements, survivors of violence are speaking out more than ever before.

Date: Wednesday, 23 May 2018


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