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Shan Huigou

Release time:2022-06-27 22:18:29

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The event is open to UN accredited media, but seats are not guaranteed. Please contact media.team[at]unwomen.org if you wish to attend but do not have UN media accreditation. 

Zevonia is also a single mother and breadwinner for her family. During this crisis, balancing her professional and caregiving roles has been a challenge, like most other working parent. “After a full day of being at work, once I arrive home, I have to tenderly take care of my family’s needs and spend time with my son until he goes to bed. Then, late at night I will continue writing,” she shares.

You need to see yourselves as part of the solutions to the challenges that you face.

Awareness of the economic, humanitarian, and social impact of food waste coupled with inspiration by my mother’s personal initiative of delivering food packages to underprivileged families, gave me the inspiration and motivation to find a local solution to a global issue.


I think when someone is not directly involved in dealing with these cases, they tend to underestimate the magnitude of the problem. Violence against women and girls, especially rape is a problem that is destroying the social fabric. When you see that most survivors are children, it is mind-boggling. 

You are one of the few men who lead an organization working to support women. How do you see men’s attitude changing and what can men and boys do to help achieve a gender-equal world?

"It reprioritized these other organizations that traditionally would have funded other things to focus on how to support communities of color in a different way,” Kong said.


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